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Caliper Stickers.


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Now i have my Rav4 calipers painted, i was hoping to buy some stickers of Ebay, but as the caliper has a dip in the middle, that's put a stop to that!....any thoughts guys.


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Get down to the local Model shop. You can get waterslide decals ( like the ones in Airfix models, but there are kits available with blank labels that you design and print from your computer. Then you spray it with fixative ( in the kit ) , put the decal onto the caliper, then a coat of clear lacquer over the top for extra protection. The only disadvantage of this is that you can't print white. If you need white then paint the area first before you apply the transfer.


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any thoughts guys.

Save your money and get new disks!!!! They looka little scored to me!!! (maybe its the photo)

I actually bought stickers for mine, but decided they werea bit naff... I'll save them for when I have mk4 front brake conversion and TRD pads :thumbsup:

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yeah, little stickers, the toyota Badge on one side and rav4 on the other, dont think waterslide decals would stand the heat down there though.

or if you dont mind time and money spent you could always wel a peice of metal to bridge the gap, then simple dressin of the weld will suffice if your coverin it in paint, but think thats a bit ott

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Dude a clean paint job

just a thought, - cause u asked

Scan, photo, rip of the net, the logo you want, the Toyota or the Rav4 or whatever

try printing it at different sizes till u'r appy then print on stiff paper/card

Cut out the logo to leave u'r self a template and then use it to dab or spray a logo on the bits of caliper u want. U can scale the logos to do as many as u like, one each sime would do it I think

Dab with hamarite should hold still and not run and will take the heat, spray with wotever if u can be bothered dealing with the off spray

Cheap easy badabam badabing

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