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Initial D

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u alright people!!

im sure some of you here have already heard of the cartoon Initial D, if u have, im sure yor hooked but for the ones who aint... you better check it out! it aint like any other cartoon, this one is highly addictive!!

just to let some of you know that the Initial D film which came out few days ago in hong kong is pretty good!! the races they have are amazing. bit of a short film though but definaltly worth watching just for the races!! :thumbsup:

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Gah blasphemy! It is NOT a cartoon! Its an ANIMATED FILM!. Or japanese anime to be exact :)

And yes it is truly great! Everyone should watch it.. fortunately ive seen em all as my mate downloaded em all.

Its basically about teams of rival Jap racers racing each other on backroads. What makes it great to watch is the race sequences are all in CGI...NOT drawn animation which would suck.

Its impressive how very accurate it is in tuning/racing terminology. Its very well researched..you can tell they work with actual rx-7/evo/skyline etc owners and tuning experts. It features all mainstream jap cars. The series story is very well known in Japan amongst all car enthusiasts. Do a search and download the series now! Tis a must for all jap car enthusiasts!

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Speak to rob about this he loves it! mainly because he's in love with the car! (Hatch-i-roku - or however you say it! :P)

Ive not seen it but apparently its good (not a fan of jap anime myself)

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There is also and awesome arcade game based on it... called funilly enough, initial D...

The have loads of old school cars, and the steering feel is one of the best I have played with on an arcade game!!!

I usually "race" Milly in an AE86 and see how sideways I can get it :D

Sounds very cool!!!

I'll bet there ar eno Mkiii supras in it though :(

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I love Initial D. It's Hentai for car geeks. :lol:

I've been trying to get hold of the full DvD box set but everywhere is only shipping it up to Stage 4 Episode 12. It's annoying, wish they'd hurry and release the latest episodes too.

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