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I.c.e. Install Advice Big Project


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finally installing my ice this weekend ( BIG BIG PROJECT!! )

i am hoping to install

dynamat sheets

double din dvd all in 1

extra headunit for the Speakers

2 x sunvisor screens

front components

rear Speakers

custom boot

2 amps

1 sub




tv ariel

(maybe a tft screen in the boot )

right, what wiring will i need? power, rca cables,

can i wire my all in 1 and headunit and play with the same Speakers?

can i view different things on different screens? e.g. 1 sunvisor= camera and other= xbox

any advice would be much appreciated


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Sorry for sounding patronizing, but didn't you think of how to put this altogether BEFORE you got all of your equipment :eek:

From your list of equipment, and depending how much time/experience you have, that is one heck of an install to put in, and from what i can read, your going to put it all in ONE WEEKEND!!! GOOD LUCK :thumbsup:

I'd say i'm compentent, and like to do something like this properly, but even i wouldn't rush this, i would do it bit at a time, start with the important stuff (eg install H/U, speaker) then add the rest as i go along, not all at once!!

And if it goes wrong, then you can find it from what you installed last, otherwise, it means your going to check everything you put in as you go along

The best way to start is to take EVERYTHING out of the car, seats, trim, if you need to get behind it, then move it!!

Dynamat everywhere!!! (this will take time, and roll from the middle-out)

Laying cables down, for this, you will need power, signal (RCA) & speaker cables

Power cables, go to maplins and get 5meters of postive cable, the biggest power they do, think it's 2AWG or it could be 0AWG, get about 2meters of negetive cable while your there.

Signal cables (RCA) should come in 5meter lengths again, get the most expensive you can afford.

Speaker cables, again, get the biggest and most expensive you can afford

The reason for all of this, is, althought it will cost loads, it will be cost effective in the long run, and you won't need to upgrade too much later if you need to.

Lay power cable down the passenger side of the car, and the signal & speaker down the middle, to avoid interferance :thumbsup:

Wire in your H/U and start from there, wire in your amp and Speakers, sub.

Fit your cap, next to the amp, to it max power when your amp needs it, rather then far away installed.

For the fitting of your screens, fit them where you want them to go, and wire them in.

I don't know if you can connect them to your H/U, but if you can, great, if not, then you will need some sort of external video box to link all of them together including the Xbox, camera and Tv ariel.

it's kinda hard to advise what you have to do, as you haven't really explained what equipment you got, manufacture wise (eg Alpine) to hard to tell you what you need to set it up.

Hope this has helped abit for you to start with, but make your you have all the things you need before you start, otherwise you might ned to get into your car and get's whats missing.......


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