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Bouncing Boost Gauge


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Hi Guys,

I have posted this on LOC but thought I would post here considering there are more owners with forced induction cars.

My problem is as follows:

I have recently fitted a boost gauge to me brum brum. All is fine in the first 10 mintues but then the needle starts to bounce.

On acceleration the needle moves swiftly to 5 psi and stays there until gear change. When changing gear it shoots down to 23 in vacuum, before climbing again to 5 psi - again nice and steady.

The problem is at idle. When you first start the car the needle holds steady in vacuum at 20. But after 10 minutes or so it bounces between 14-22. Also, when pootling with your foot on the throttle maintaing a steady speed it will bounce in the same range.

Any ides peeps - all suggetions greatly welcomed



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Sounds like there is not enough Damping on the Gauge if it's fluctuating like that on idle. Was there a restrictor which fits in the pipe to the Gauge ?? If so - try moving it closer to the Gauge end of the pipe to dampen the needle down abit.

Try gently squeezing the pipe with a pair of pliers,while a mate watches the gauge needle - as you close down the pipe with the pliers,the needle should settle down to a steady reading(you are creating a restriction to dampen down the "pulse")


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