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My New Mr2


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well it arrived on monday but i've been on a training course for the past few days.

rev3 gts t-bar turbo

apexi exhaust

sard bov

hks filter

sard front bumper

17inch volk te37 alloys


errrr thats about it really :(

the engine runs as sweet as a nut, has just had a cambelt and water pump change.

only issues are it needs a very good clean and the front bumper took a bit of a whack on it's way here, easily sorted tho :)

going to do a couple of mods to it, tidy it up, get it registered and then sell it :D




had to make sure the TRD was away at powerhouse having a few mods done to it, or else it might have got jealous of the younger, slimmer model :lol:

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Hello mate

Well that looks like a great buy there mate.

Question mate the apexi exhaust how does it sound like mate? Going back to are conversion on sunday that twin exit exhaust dont sound that loud compared to single exit so how would you rate this exhaust mate?

Cheers jerry!!

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Sweet motor mate. Loving the looks of them wheels. Clean ones would be better. :D

As for yellow on a MR2??? Not so much work if you wanted to do a Ferrari conversion. :lol::lol:

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lol, yep she is well filthy :(

jerry as i said on sunday twin exits arent loud and it's the same with this one, it sounds pretty much like a stock one.... just looks slightly nicer :)

Oh thats a shame as i thought that the apexi exhaust might have had a bit more grunt :(


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Looking very nice there :thumbsup:

I prefer it to your TRD (although I love the TRD kit). Those of you who remember my Rev3 (Won a trophy on TOC at JAE in 2003) will know why I prefer this white one ;)

White cars rule B)

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maybe if it was a single exit apexi n1 or gt spec, the loudest twin exit is the phoenix power and even that aint loud. i guess if you want twin exit loud, it will have to be a custom one :)

Well at the end of the day i really dont want the exhaust to be really loud. Just a nice burble sound on idle and a nice growl when going through the gears ;)


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My N/A was throaty, had that custom made though at a cost of £550, jaxx will tell ya that was loud :P

I think to get a good growl you have to have a custom box.

Iv gone for a blitz nur spec for my tubby, are they loud or just grunty/meatyish. ?

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