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4age In A Carina E Stw 93.


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I've finished innstalling the 4A-GE in my car

my problem is now, Wireing.

Ive got all the wire harness from the engine to the ECU,

nut the problem starts here.

The wires that goes into the car. inside the dash, is all diffrent.

is there anyone that can tell me what the pinouts of the original wires from the dash(underneath the ecu) is?

The sockets is gray blue brown and one other that i dont remember right now.

They are located right behind the glowecompartment.

What are these pinouts . I've got the complete pinouts for the ecu, and all of the wireing for the engine. Somebody please help me??

Some one that have done this swap before?

PS: it's a Carina E Stw '93 (original 4a-fe 16l 16v)

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