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Happy as larry I was yesterday, cause I got my parcel shelf sorted, and am ready to carpet it, and wire up the Speakers.

Damn pee'd off this morning however, as there is now a rather nasty looking dent and scratches down the side of my car!!! :censor:

Was on my way to work this morning, and in one of the villages just outside, they've been building a house. Now yesterday, they'd closed the footpath, and had put one of those temporary footpaths in for pedestrians.

Today however, there was a lorry parked out front.

I've waited my turn, as no way are two cars gonna get thru side by side, so when it was clear, I started off to make my way through.

However, a guy flies round the corner, and comes racing through, and I take "evasive action," cause otherwise, it'd be a collision.

Not bad I thought. However, I had edged myself closer to the lorry, and it made contact with the edge of the passenger door, and the front of the next panel.

Guy in the other car pulls off and drives away, probably not knowing what damage has been done to my car.

Checking out the lorry, it looks like nothing has happened.

Needless to say, a bit shaken, but damn annoyed that if only he'd been patient, he could have gone after I made my way through, as the car behind me had stopped!

Drove the next 1/2 mile to work, firstly thinking the wing mirror had been caught, only for my heart to sink to see a great chuffing dent in my poor little car. :crybaby:

Luckily, my Boss's Bro-in-law works with car bodywork, and does dent work, etc.

Hopefully he can sort me, and for a good price my boss reckons too.

Fingers crossed.

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its ignorant drivers like that which are really getting to me right now, you see soo many ******s on the roads see days who just bomb about not giving a care in the world for other drivers, and to be fair, its not just young new drivers so many older drivers act as if they own the road, esp bmw, merc and of course taxi

sorry to hear about the news bud, best of luck getting it all sorted, :thumbsup: look on bright side, you avoided having your car written off, could have been worse as they say!

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Awww sorry to hear about that Johnathan..... sounds harsh. Some people are just so ignorant sometimes...

At least you know someone who can fix it up for you on the cheap - like they say, its not what you know, its who you know!

Hope Zanipolo feels better soon!

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Thanks guys.

Hopefully I can get it sorted soon.

Checked the door mechanism, and that's all working correctly.

Gonna get some quotes for repair now and see how it goes.

It'll def need filler, as it's just made a huge dent in the car. As my boss put it, it looks like it's been attacked with a can opener!

At least as you say Ad, nothing worse happened, and it can all bex fixed.

And at least I got me parcel shelf, and can sort the carpet/ wiring on that out now too.

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Just phoned one place, and after seeing the pics, he reckons "the panel is too far gone," and I'd be best going thru insurers....

Think the panel could be repaired meself, but I dunno....

He reckoned around a Grand for the price though! :o

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argh yaris seem so unlucky! there been lots of post recently about claims and insurance! Scary! Perhaps you should ride your bike for the time being Gnome, atleast until the unlucky phase goes! I hope you bad luck runs out soon! you seem to have had enough for your life time!


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I hope good luck is round the corner....

Will ahve to see how it goes this week, and see what I can get done.

Gonna have a word with the boss' B-i-L in a minute, and see what he says.

I'll have a word with Mr T too, just to see what they reckon.

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