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Well They Finally Caught Up With Me......


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Oh dear what a day :(

Got home today to find a lovely letter from the local court saying i need to appear at the end of august for speeding.......thankyou....i really needed that :crybaby:

Anyway i'll sign the form guilty and just get whats coming to me.

But even worse than that is my car is going to be in the bodyshop the jae weekend :arrgg-matey:

Dunno what im going to do now......Charis's Yaris? Charlie said i may be able to drive one of his Supra's up for him.... :(

Maybe i need to get hold of a White supra mk4 asap in time for JAE... :unsure:

This sucks

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tough break mate, quickly build one like the one in your signature?!

Eventually i will but there is no way its gonna be ready in time for JAE :(

The graphics alone would be pushing it. :wacko:

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Not good mate :(

What's going on? why are so many people having such a crap time of it lately? Myself included.

You gotta make sure you get to JAE one way or another! We can both drown our sorrows together :P :D

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Get in Charis' Yaris - you know you want to! :thumbsup:

Sorry to hear about all this - at least if your admitting guilt then it'll be over and done with quickly, you'll get some points and a fine and then your free to go kinda thing.

Sorry that your Supra's not gonna make it to JAE, I'm sure you'll find a solution though, although no matter how desperate you are - NO VAUXHALL CORSAS! :lol::lol:

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and im sure you were the one who was always picked on for driving like a granny, but then again i think that was before the supra i mean with a supra how can you not speed?

PS the castrol supra looks awesome, i'd love anything in castrol graphics, if only i could get a white TS

no he drove like a granny with the supra, (que banana mana music) but then when lee goes to nurburg a miraculous transformation happens, lee becomes slightly insane

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