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Gridlock Programme


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Bought back memories of doing my usual 9 mile commute in a colleague's car on that very snowy evening.

Left at 4pm, and didn't get home till half 8. She had to drop me off at the entrance to our village, as it's a hill to get in or out of the village.

It was mainly going over Essex and Cambridge, the M11, A14, etc.

Some people they interviewed were there for 20 hrs, and through the nite!

One guy took took 3 hours on the underground, bouncing round different trains, only to end up where he started! :blink:

Where were you on that night in 2003?

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Watched it :yes:

In shropshire we had only a dusting of snow and thus didn't cause any problems.

Remember seeing on the news.

Remember a friend saying that the only reason a fuss is being made is because it's London and the south east :rolleyes:

I would feel sorry for anyone who gets caught up in that situation.

If I was the bloke who could not get home from central London on the Tube I would have stayed in Central London and gone on a pub crawl :lol:

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Ahhh I remember it well!

I was working in Coventry at the time and had to travel back up the A45 to Rugby which was fine all the way but turned off to head towards Cawston and got stuck in a massive queue which had formed all the way down the road, past Cawston, through Bilton all because people were panicking and all that and a few had had bumps. I just took it really slow (had to, had nowhere to go! lol) and it took me 2 hours to get home that night and its normally a 20 min journey!

People were abandoning their cars and all sorts! It was mad!

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I liked it when Essex police said that they wouldn't change their plans, cause they reckoned their plan was perfect - they were just beaten by the weather, that's all! :D

Can't believe it took so long to actually get a plan into action (which turned out to be calling on the army in the end).

But after the programme had finished, it was perfect timing for mum to tell us about (again!), the days when snow drifts were 6 foot tall, and how dad managed to get his car stuck for 3 days in the snow!

"When I were a lad!...."

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i had a great day then i went to a decent restaurant with a french girl called Candy hadd a seriously good (8 course) lunch thjen went to pub next door when it started snowing had a snowball fight, however we then had to head home so i got in my 300bhp 200sx and pood myself all the way home, went back to candys bout to satrt drinking champagne when my mum called me to say that the dog had set itself on fire and can i come home arrrrgh

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I was at work, which is also here in Essex..luckily I have an easy journey but I think I had taken in the bus that day as my Fiesta (which I had at the time and was very unreliable) wasn't working!! Quite glad I did really....

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