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The Corolla 03 Color Screen H/u Pinout


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hi guys

I have extensively reviewed the posts related to this issue but haven't seen a clear conclusion on one/some of the sub-issues.

I got an 03 corolla with full color touch screen dvd sat nav h/u.

I plan to put a 1 DIN h/u in the slot above the ashtray - yes this makes two units in total will be in the car.

I want to run an audio out from the manufacturers 2 DIN unit into my sony 1 DIN unit's aux in. then put the corolla's Speakers on this sony unit as well as an active sub!!

1. has anyone tried putting a 1 DIN unit in the cubby hole above the ashtray?

2. does the corolla color screen unit have audio/pre outs? either as connectors on the back or solder points IN the radio?

3. If no pre-outs, is there anything to modulate the signal from the speeker outs before connecting it to the aux in of another unit?

4.and, if no preouts, where is the sub connected to? Cos i can see some people have active subs under the seat fitted by toyota

5. if u see any oversights in this plan, thanx for letting me know. i will aim to post pix if i get this done

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I have seen a DIN H/U in the centre console just above the ashtray, but can't seem to find it :angry:

I'm trying to do a similar thing in my car, in the near future, but will look at it again, closer the time when i'm need it


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