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Parkers 3 Year Estimate Value


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awsome.. Why dont call me up when you can find one at that price? LOL.

They are holding on awesome value in both US and Japan, so at least you could sell it in Japan for 2x times value listed there... HAHAHA.

They are assuming people will be worried about hybrid maintainance, but that is just plain wrong - it was most reliable car in its class in US for 2005 and has 8 yr hybrid warranty. Plus crazy gas mileage should give it awesome residuals.

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This is the problem I had trying to finance my Prius...poor residuals. My guess is they just don't know so they go for a really conservative guess.

Look at the price the Prius classics are going for....my guess is we'll be OK.

Finally, I can't see me buying another new car until somethnig better comes along...could be a while :D

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I think the figures are nonsense. I have a company car under a leasing deal with a major leasing company. The monthly rates very much reflect what they think the resale will be. They are doing a great deal for me, which compared with other cars I have had means that they have confidence in a much better figure.

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