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Camry Died On Highway


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Hi everyone,

I have been reading the discussions about the camrys that stall out, but I have a different problem. Last summer driving on the highway my camry (1990, ~145000 mi @ the time) just cut out while I was going 70 mph on the highway. I had it towed to a repair shop where they ultimately determined that it was the distributor. They replaced that and I went on my way, and my car has been fine since then. Perhaps it idles a little rough, but nothing that sounds bad, and I haven't had any other problems with it since. Well, just this weekend the same thing happened as last summer - it just cut out on the highway. The situation was similar in both cases - they were both REALLY hot days, although the car was running at a normal temperature, not overheating or anything. The Battery is fine, the car tries to turn over when I turn the key in the ignition, and *kind of* starts, but only for an instant and it sounds awful, and then it cuts out again.

I am having it towed to a repair shop this afternoon and they are going to look at it tomorrow. I'm nervous about getting overcharged or misled since I don't know much about cars.

Are there any suggestions about what it might be? Do you think it's the distributor again? (And if so can someone briefly explain what the distributor does?)

Also one of my friends said it might be a fuel injection problem; do you think it might be that, and what does that mean?

Thanks, I know this is a lot of questions but I'm trying to learn about this since I know sometimes young women are overcharged at repair shops etc since we often don't know any better, so I'm trying to be at least somewhat informed when I talk to the mechanic!!

If you could answer any of the above questions I'd be really grateful.


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