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Castrol Graphics


Should i have castrol graphics. And which one  

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  1. 1. Should i have castrol graphics. And which one

    • Green/Red
    • Black/Grey
    • Leave it alone numpty.

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To be honest i dont like graphics on cars Apart from the car makers original badges graphics.

Why should you pay for them to advertise there products if you was david beckham he would get millions for the graphics on his cars.

Also in my opinion i think they look tacky.

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Really not sure about the grey graphics The black with red green work fine

There are loads of grapic options, have a look at this


Ultimately it's what u think makes the motor look good, and most local graphics shops can show your car with the graphics on it, I know my local chap at autoart can do it

Just post us a pic if you get them done

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Mooks graphics are OK but not my thing.

Go on a site called www.likwidart.com you wont be dissapointed I promise you and Rob who owns the company will be camping with us at JAE (he has a sexy Celi), give him a call he is a top bloke, I am off to see him this very morning :bye: getting KITT decked out (but in stealth mode) he will be able to sort something out, his mind knows no bounds when it comes to designing.


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I voted to leave it alone, but it would be good to see the green/red on a grey car to judge better.

I only like graphics if they are exact replicas of the real ones. I think custom graphics can make a car look worse - So if it was going to be "original" looking then I would say - if you want it - go for it :thumbsup:

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hey ...its your car ...you can paint a big pink duck on it if you want...with emulsion...leave the runners on it too

meh... i was toying with the Castrol gfx thingy as my beasty is white gt4 and wants em .... but i resisted the urge... im getting over it...honest...

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imho, silver and blue would look good against your stock collour with blue rally flaps.

I wouldn't spray your car - make the livery work with the collour.

For those against graphics - these graphics aren't graphics in the show car sense, they are TTE WRC livery - replica's of the original rally livery of Toyota Team Europe - and the endorsements and sponsors who had their names on the car are part of WRC and Celica history.

its not lairy tribal or dragon graphics, the graphics are a historical representaion of the ST185 dominating WRC.... so not kev or barry at all imho.

Dak - rest easy - I'm keeping the original Red paintwork and going for a full livery. the original collours where red on white, I'm just going to keep the red and change the red graphics to white.

I think you should think about this one mate.

do you want a link to all the different livery used for different rallies? 16, 185, 205, corrolla.... you'd be surprised how many 'different' sets were used...

I think the original graphics look great - before they let the corporate sponsor in with the red and green....

here, look...




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CELICA GT-FOUR ST185 "The Flying Sausage, Safari'94 "

not my models....

sorry ... for pics, got to link, click the pages, in green as p1, p2 etc, under rally names there will be 3 pics, if you cant see them - right click and view picture.... trust me, they are there...

respect to http://www.aa.e-mansion.com/~wildbear/43/MENU.htm

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:arrgg-matey: Dak,

Thanks for the advice Stainless exhaust! I am now proud owner of equally shiny bits to go under the bonnet when the engine rebuild begins soon!

With the straight through competition exhaust it should sound quite tasty!

Just Motec M4, Suspension, Brakes, Gearbox to fine tune, and a shed load of lightening to do :crybaby: and whey hey! off we go playing again down the lanes again! :ph34r:

In light on this conversation, I have a few more pics now on the website showing how we took the basis of the Castrol Livery and did it in Black and Flouro Orange!



For us, as a Rally GT4, we wanted to have a similarity to the "Works Cars" of the 90's and hence the "swirly designs!" For an old girl..she turned some heads and we were quite pleased with it! I appreciate the early cars ran the Toyota Corporate Livery, but for impact the Castrol Design really did get stuck in peoples minds for the Toyota Rally Team!

So go with ya gut, personally for a road car, I think a livery almost in the same colour as the car is very tidy, linking it to its heritage!



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BOOOOOO at being discreet.

but yes, if its a road car to be used every day to commute, collect the shopping from tescos and take the kids to school, then yup - your gonna look a nitwit, especially if it isnt a GT4 and just a NA gen 5 - equally nitwit looking if you put dragons along the side of a ST185.. period.

But Dakatri, you must remember, lives on a small island which is, in itself a racetrack :D

And most others who own a GT4 in WRC livery actualy use them rarely through the week, they are a second car - for pure fun and adrenylin, normally at tracks and events for measuring ones brass.

There is a huuuuuge difference between;

1. A riced up wannabe with swirly whirly lairy garaphics and 'look nice' things bonded on...

2. A WRC champion ST185 sporting WRC livery.

TTE had their own livery until the Castrol corporate collours and swirls - the original rally collours were Toyota red and white, easily recognisable from one generation to the next. The sponsors changed, but the collour schemes stayed the same, when Castrol was allowed full design over the entire livery for the 93/94 WRC it was the first time Toyota had had a car with a full corporate sponsor livery for the main world event...

IMHO GT4's are impractical in the real world of motoring, unless they are bone dry stock. Owners use them to feel forces trying to squash their internal organs out of the ear on corners. If you want to be discreet, buy a Ford Focus and blend into the maddening crowd.


However, owning a GT4 is about as discreet as painting yer bum blue and wearing a hospital gown to the Lord Mayors local parish fund raising tea and scone afternoon with bric a brac stall.

I've become an expert at lip reading in my rear view mirror, but it seems to be the same phrase every time, normally 'passenger' "What the **** was that?"... 'driver' "I don't know but the paint on my bumper and bonnet has just bubbled off"..... :lol:

So, livery wouldnt be lairy, it in fact would be discreet - it would at least let others know what had just whistled past them like a Tie advanced x1 prototype fighter.

Go for it DAK.... :D and remember the original TTE livery before the corporate Castrol livery as per bottom pic.

links to Toyota Team Europe history http://www.tte.de/museum.html

this is what my 165 will look like - forget about sponsor's its the WRC collours red and white that I'm going for - my sponsor names will be different and most probably silly car humour.


its the inverted version of this 'standard' colours;


or I may just stay contemporary as in the last pic... dunno yet... lets get her stripped first... ;)


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