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Rattle From Rear

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When i am driving my corolla t-spirit i get a rattling noise from the rear passenger side. After reading other posts in this forum i thought it was from the parcel shelf fiiting. I padded this but am still getting the rattling which is very annoying. I drove it with the shelf off and i still get the noise so it is not coming from there.

However, i have noticed when the boot is open the noise disapears but when i close it it returns. As I dont fancy driving round with the boot open what else could it be? Any ideas? I dont think it is coming from the number plate.

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It may be a long shot, since I don't even know whether you have one, but the cable that operates the boot from the driver's seat (again, does it even do that) may be the problem.... One of the Camries that my mom drove had that problem... a clip for the cable had come loose and rattled like you wouldn't believe.

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