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Celica Manual Transmission


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I have a question, I hope someone can help. I have a 2002 Celica the transmission is manual 5 speed. I shifted in 1st gear and now it is stuck. The clutch depresses fine and the car will move forward but will not come out of 1st gear. I unhooked the linkage and tried to shift it out of gear at the transmission and the shift arm on the transmission will not move. I hope some one can help.

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Yea I already have it part of the way out. I just do not have alot of tranny knowledge, Engines I am ok but tannys I am lost. Thanks fot he suggestions I will post the exact problem when I find out what it is.

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I was offered the same 'fork' theory for my 162 gearbox after i refitted it.

symptom was going into gear but not fully engaging and screaming noise like the clutch slipping.

due to ill health I haven't been able to get back to the project and by the time i'm fit summer will be nearly over.

hope you get it sorted mate.

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