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Replace Front Discs On 03 Cts

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My existing front discs on my 2003 T-sport are lipped, so will need replacing.

I replaced my front pads with EBC Greenstuff pads - £51 from www.motechdirect.co.uk and £30 for Mr. Clutch to fit (compares with £135 for Toyota to fit standard pads or £78 to supply and fit their own) - and I though I would try some "performance" discs.

I've been trying to get EBC Turbo Groove discs, but I've been told EBC don't make them for the CTS.

Can anyone recommend some other discs. I thought grooved and drilled would be best. I wanted EBC discs as theirs aren't drilled all the way through, which is supposed to reduce the risk of them cracking, so a similar design would be nice.

People have said the discs don't make that much difference, and the pads are most important. Anyone have any experience to justify this viewpoint?


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Grooved/drilled discs will give you squat improvement to your breaking unless you often have them hot enough to glaze the pads (all the grooves are for is de-glazing the pads). Standard discs and EBC Greenstuff pads are the way to go unless you are really serious about improving your breaking (a lot) and then you should go for a big disc conversion and possibly multi-pot calipers.

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I've had a look around on the internet, and it doesn't look like I have much choice anyway. Brembo, Mintex and EBC don't do disks for the Corolla T-Sport. The only "performance" discs I could find are £150 from Fensport.

I'll just phone around the local brake specialists and use one of them.

Thanks for your response.

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Just replace the pads, goin grooved or drilled will only make you go through pads really fast for no gain, the stock toyota pads are really not that bad, having used them on track under hard conditions i can vouch for this, they do lose there feel though, which may be down to the pad or brake fuild i havent tried it yet. So let us know what you decide on.

I'd be wary about listenining to folk telling you grooved or drilled are best, all these do is dissapate heat, and deglaze the pads, both work under extreme race conditions, but under anything else, just wreck your pads real fast. What makes your car stop better, is A. having better pads ( better friction material , and B. having your calipers father from the centre of rotation ( bigger discs's with the calipers farther from the centre of the hub).

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