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Speakers For My Lovely Rav


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Hello there my fellow 4x4ers! :D

I have just purchased a P reg RAV 4 and would desperately like to fit some different Speakers as the ones in it have blown and do not sound great with my Sony headunit.

I have made some enquiries about having some new Speakers fitted but have been told by one particular supplier that I will have to go to Toyota as they are specially fitted ones?!

Can anyone tell me if they have successfully had Speakers fitted without going to Toyota?

Many thanks

Kelly :D

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Firstly toyota having to fit them is rubbish....

I've just added four Sony 170cm 3 ways to my rav. It can be a bit tricky as the existing Speakers are moulded units and have to be drilled out. Secondly you have two choices, you can either wreck the existing Speakers and re-use the spacers or you can by speaker adaptors from after market sorces. The rears are not to much of a problem as the windows don't come down that far but the front spacers are needed.

There are loads of links on this site to do the job, its just a case of take your time. if you need more help PM me and i'll try to help more. The change in sound is brilliant.....

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