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White Glanza 99 Wheels Colour?

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Im looking at a glanza a white 99 version. It has white enkei 15" alloys, what do people think of a white glanza 99 with black wheels or even gun metal dark grey. And light smoke in front medium smoke in back tints.

Will it look crap?

Also how do 99 glanza's differ from previous editions (performance,reliablity, looks, tuning, toys wise) i know they have slight different exterior styling, i like the lights!

And also the one im looking at has the following mods

*Greddy Prospec B Type 2 Digital Boost Controller

*arc top mount intercooler - less restictive seems bigger?

*de cat

*apexi re located air filter

*trd dampers and shock

*strut brace in rear

*Cusco lower arm bar linking Front suspension

*TRD braided brake lines

*3g sloted disc barkes with mintex pads


*blitz bov

*apexi n1 cat back exhuast

*unichip recu rolling road mapped

pushing out 160bhp odd confirmed

How realible would this setup be?

A nice car! :thumbsup:

And what 0-60 u reckon its getting?, could i possilby keep up with a civic type r and clio 182???


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allrate mate...

guessing you mean this one...


Id guess it sounds realiable i mean,the engine hasnt really been that heavily modded,more of a save gaurding if you get me,the bits on it are more likely to stop you having problems....only thing is that its a 99 so god knows how the documents will go.....an also i think 7k is quite over priced hes charging like an extra 1-2k just cos its a 99" shape,an for 200quid you could just buy a 99 bumper instead of the 96 one ,and the slightly different rear lights,(an the headlights just look different because hes sprayed the inside of his indacator map,chrome,to match the headlights

Sure there will be others to help ya too....

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"(an the headlights just look different because hes sprayed the inside of his indacator map,chrome,to match the headlights)"

That'll be my car, then.

Just to be clear, the bodywork is completely standard, and the sidelights came from the factory like that. I haven't sprayed or messed around with anything. Only non-standard exterior items are the orange side repeaters required for the SVA. Clear replacements included with the car, but Admanirv already knows that.

Also, the documents are all completely kosher, as it's a personal import. I have loads of paperwork to back that up.

By the way, Admanirv, sorry for not sending you the scans of the power graphs yet. I keep getting distracted. I'll get onto it...

Oh yeah, and if you don't want to keep the white wheels, I think graphite or dark bronze ones look really cool on a white car. Black is probably too much of a contrast.

The power to weight ratio of my car is exactly the same as a Clio 182, and the gearing in the Starlet is shorter. The rest would mainly depend on the skills of the Driver.

Price is ono, so nearest offer gets it.



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