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Rusty Seat Mechanisms- Help


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I am considering buying a 2001 RAV 4. Engine and drive are great, but the seat mechanism front and back are covered in rust, it looks as if they have not been galvanised. The dealer says this is normal .. but I don't believe this.. Who is right .. The car does not smell damp, or look like it has suffered water leaks

Cam anyone shed some light on this..

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Covered in how much rust? I wouldn't have thought they'd be galvanised anyway, just painted normally. I have a 98 model, and they've got no rust on.

Seems a bit odd to me, especially if there's a lot.

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My Lexus ones were rusty - never had any leaks so just assumed a poor paint finish and near wet carpet mats etc over the years - worth having a good poke around though as some sunroofs do leak if the drain tubes get dislodged - or it may have been wading :blink:

Have a look at some of the other floor fixings or try lifting an edge of carpet and see if the sound deadening felt is / has been wet.

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