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Can I Use Redex Lr Additive In Efi Engine?

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Had lead reaplacement additive for 1989 Corolla GL (carb).

Now I have 1990 Corolla GTi (fuel injection).

1. Since it is pre-1992, i don't have a cat, right?

2. Can the additive damage any sensors in the engine?

3. Is it recommended to use this additive, or pointless since Japan had unleaded a long time ago?

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Don't waste your cash on additives. Unleaded has enough detergents to keep your lines free...!Removed! are ahead of the game even in 1990

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the additive i have is not a detergent, rather it lines/coats the valves/seals in the same way lead used to protect your engine.

i already have the additive from my old car. rather than harm the environment by disposing in the bin, would it be safe to put it in my fuel tank anyway?

ps - thanks for the advice all the same! is bp ultimate as good as optimax? and what Oil do you use?

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