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Pics From Today


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what a day. was rudely woken up at 9am by brian at powerhouse demanding that i pick up the car as the replacement turbo had been fitted and the car was fine. so look out the window and see the sun in all it's glory...... game on, i say and jump out the bed.... naked! (......it was hot last night)

160kms later and having gone no where in particular with the top off, air con on and tunes up, i have finally parked up the beast. here's a selection of pics i took on a brief stop to take my breath. the phoenix power zorst sounds glorious :lol:









i think im done.... enjoy :)

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If you get a authentic TRD kit fitted by a quality bodyshop - it will look awesome.

I have seen TRD "copies" that do not fit well at all and regardless the body shop, it will be very difficult to get it looking right - much like all the Ferrari kits out there :!Removed!:

I saw Shafs TRD shortly after it came into the country. There were a few bits that needed attention (damage by previous owner - not fitment issues), but I think he sorted it now???

Car is looking good Shaf :thumbsup:

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yep when i first got it, the front bumper had a crack in it as well as the side wing, the rear arches needed some attention to the paintwork. these all got sorted out and now im pretty happy with it :)

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