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Engine Waring Light


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Interesting day..started off by someone pulling out a cross roads directly infront of me an d stalling , requiring much use of the Yarii's anchors...and didn't she perform well...other driver really did need a pair of new short.... anyway's minutes later my engine warning light iluminated....

Got home..couldn't find anything wrong..and being a Saturday..no local dealers open...so re-set ECU. light went out..and hasn't come back on..but she's now running very rough...hope it's just re-learning everything again and will settle down.

The cynic in me says that the warranty ran out 4 mths ago... which is when the last service was done!...Mr T just want me back...hope that light stays out.....


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Might just be re-learning....

Its completely different, but after Rich borrowed Kaori she had to re-learn how I drive her and she did feel a bit rough for a day or two - I swear Rich drives too hard....

Anyhoo, they do learn to adapt to your driving style I think, so because you reset the ECU it might just be a few days to remember your style! :thumbsup:

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I dont see that this relearn thing should take time. Where does it get the car anyway? If its for improved MPG than it needs to instant no? :huh:

I drive somethimes with economy in mind, sometimes i have fun. My car must be really pi55ed off with me.

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I swear Rich drives too hard....

No.. you drive too soft... :P

Do you even let the torque kick in? :P :D

1. You've never even seen me drive Matthew!

2. Whats torque? :lol::lol::lol:

I know how to put my foot down - I dont dilly-daddle around! For a purely stock car she sure doesn go!

But she still needed adjusting after Rich had her! :lol:

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My car must be positively schizophrenic by now then!

Rush hour traffic weekdays and a tunnel to contend with. Why do they call it rush hour when that's the last thing you can do? :lol:

Come the weekend it's all twisty country roads and she gets the chance to increase her average mph a little.

Hope that light stays out for you. :thumbsup:

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