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New Brakes

m4rk scotland

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If you go Gold, you will see some discounts from some very reputable suppliers that I organised.

With what you could save doing the brakes on all 4 corners would cover the cost of your membership for the year ;) :thumbsup:

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rico that would be great. im away back up to aberdeen on wednessday and back next again wednessday so after that will do. system~g i plan on joining but want cash is low at the moment. just come from a 1.4 non turbo to a tubby so fuel is hitting me.

does the membership save money from toyota dealers?

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hmm this is getting kinda bad now. anyone know of anywhere in aberdeen i can get the parts for this cos grinding metal is a horrible noise. can i just go to the toyota dealers? if not il have to wait till im back down in the burg and see rico if he's still able.

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As the guys "up stairs" are not willing to let me become a Gold member I can't post here where the brakes are from <_<

But if you pay close attention to my sig you might find out how to get in contact with me :bookworm: :D


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Ok, got a price for you mate....

Rear discs £35 each

Rear pads £18 for full set.

let me know if you want them mate, the disc need to be ordered and the pads are in stock. :thumbsup:

WHAT happened to gettig us a price for the D/Cap +R/Arm??????

:P :P

Pm'd you mate :thumbsup:

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