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Toyota Aisin A241 Automatic Transmission


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Members, I have dismantled the Automatic Transmission of my Toyota

Corona 1991 model 2000 Select(with 2c Diesel engine) I urgently need an

exploded view of this type(this typeA 241 is also fitted on some

Camry's and MR2s)I have procured an aftermarket seal and clutch pack

repair kit , and I need some information on the tolerances and

clearances specified for this type of transmission,so that assembly

could be done with some accuracy. Any information regarding this type

of transmission will be greatly appreciated.I may add that I have

experience in the overhaul of the GM types TH 200, 350 and 700 R Auto

Transmissions, and all the Old Powerglides,The BW 66, etc.But

absolutely no experience with Transaxle automaticsDismantling the unit

was relatively simple after the herculean job of removing it from the

car!The transmission internals are similar to the Warner transmissions

I have worked on, but the OD gear train is unfamiliar, no idea what the

line pressures should be either, I need some "ballpark"

figuresAbsolutely NO help from either Toyota or Aisin -they just keep

passing the buck, so to speak, between various divisions,each

requesting me -very politely-, to send in my queries to someone else

etc ad nauseum!

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