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St162 K&n


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so which cone filter is it, cause there isnt one listed for the st162. is it a later one or did you have to modify it to fit?

also, would i be better off with a K&N panel filter in the origional box, or a cone? Presumable, the MAF sensor can acomodate for the extra flow with a cone therefore giving a better (if slight) improvement over a panel filter?

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I think most people have come to the conclusion that a modified air box with panel filter is better than a cone (for performance) - a cone will probably make more noise.

I think on the gen6's the general advice is to get an aftermarket high flow panel filter, then bore a 3 inch hole in the bottom of the airbox and make another cold air feed, this then gives it 2 sources of air

Don't think anyone actually dyno'd it yet though!

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Well, i can get a green element for 33.26, a K&N element for 38.61, pipercross 23.16, a jetex cone for 58.65.

Which do you recon the best bet is? I'd sooner get a cone, because it free's up a lot of space in the bay, and makes it look neater.

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