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Toyota 4runner towing wiring harness


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I have a 98 limited 4runner

it came with all of the options

including the tow package.

we are trying to hook up a tent trailer and we have no lights, signals ect.

There is nothing in the manual about the wiring harness associated with the lights

my husband used a continuity tester and there is no power...

we've looked at the fuses and nothing looks blown however their might be one missing.

How can we trouble shoot this one???:o

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Check the junction box which should be located inside the cargo area behind the passenger side panel. I have a '97 Limited and just did this yesterday at U-Haul.

You will have to remove the plastic stripping along the edge of the cargo bay first. Next, you have to remove the cargo cover hanger (philips screw) on the passenger side. This will enable you to pull away the panel and gain access to the junction box and wiring. Check the incoming and outgoing wires for power.

Your box might be bad --> Toyota should be able to get you a new one that will plug right in w/existing adaptors. Otherwise, U-Haul makes them but need to splice some wires.

Hope this helps. Good Luck.

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