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Question About Japan Exporters


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I ordered this 97 Toyota Celica SSIII last week and am getting ready to wire money to pay for the vehicle to have it shipped to Bristol.

The website I bought it on is: www.ridhaa.com They seem to be very trustworthy but are they? I have no idea so I was wondering if there was someone out there with experience from exporters.

Here are the specs on the car: Chassis Number: ST202-0095303

Engine Number: 3S-9284993

105000Km, Automatic, 2000cc

Timing belt changed at 96566Km

This car is only going to cost me $1750 plus $750 for shipping for $2500 total.

I was talking to a friend of mine who lives in Japan and he told me that there must be something that ridhaa isn't telling me about the car and to be very weary. Can someone help me out and tell me if the deal that I'm getting here is "too good to be true." Thanks

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second hand car prices in japan are cheap cheap cheap.

the chassis number appears false.

jap auctions are quite trustworthy. you can get the vehicle details yourself - direct from the auctions by email.

best of luck.


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