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I would just like to say a massive thankyou to Darren Hawkes (DazH).

This man is a top bloke, he was more than willing to help me with ordering sum lowering springs.

Not only did he proveide wicked service and prompt delivery, he was the cheapest by far.

So Darren, thanx alot m8, the car is now lowerd 40mm and handles much much better. Once i hav my fromt lip done, i'll post up sum pics.


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Nah, the front lip i got is not the TTE one Riko was after, that TTE one is very very nice.

BTW whoeva is readin this ive got another querie. Ive lowered my car by 40mm but still want the car a little lower, wot wud be the best thing to do?


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Im not sure about hydros, depends why you wanna go lower, if you want it for looks then sure go for hydros if you want it for handling then its probably not worth it, besides once you have that front lip fitted you will find out how much it catches and you'll probably wanna put it back to stock once you scraped it a few times!!!! Stick some side skirts if you wanna look lower, I have some spare vvti celica veilside ones if you fancy em.

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