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Mr2 Inductions Kit


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High i have been advised to add an induction kit on to my 2.0GTI, is there any problems i could encounter by doing this. Ive been told by another source that putting one on can also fup up the dyanostics of the engine, so im a little confused as to what to do. I have seen on ebay and such like that you can buy of the shelve induction kits for the MR2, but i dont know what to do.


thanks in advance


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No problems at all with adding an induction kit to the MK2 except more fun noises to listen to while driving...

Would strongly recommend the APEXI Induction kit (can be purchased for approx 100 notes). HKS Mushrooms can look good with the metal arm holding the kit on although the filtration is no way near as good....

Would definately suggest an induction kit and exhaust as you will feel a difference in the responsiveness of the engine :D

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As Ryan said, there are no problems fitting a kit other than removing some of the difficult to reach bolts for the resonators (but easy if you have the right tools).

If you can't afford the Apexi kit - go for the K&N - tried and tested too. Also I'm not a fan of foam filters.

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I picked up a double intake induction kit from e-bay for £25, it's very similar to a K&N and sounds great with a nice raspy roar above 3000rpm. Worth buying IMO. Only way it could cause a problem is if the filter has large filtration holes which could allow dirt into the engine, not likely.

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HKS is no where near as bad as people say.

Everyone seems to base their comments on the 'test' that was done.

Took my kit (full racing suction) apart just recently to change element. Inside was clean as a whistle, all the way down to the turbo (barring some from the Oil breather).

HKS filters need changing evey 2000-3000 miles. It's people that let them go past this that get the problems.

The HKS kits are not a one-off purchase like the Apexi or K&N. You can clean them, you can't clean the HKS filters. As soon as the lines start appearing on the foam you should change it. £20-£30 a time too.

As far as induction kit on the N/A is concerned, it might be worth just changing the element to a freer flowing K&N.

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