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Moving To London


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Been thinking about moving to London for some time now so Ive started looking around for jobs and some where to live (its going to cost a fortune, lol). Not knowing many people in London can anyone recommend any good areas. It may seem daft but to me its not.



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I personally cannot stand London, froma living place alone, then add the fact that I like cars and driving and it becomes a total no-no!!!

A good mate of mine has a house on kensington highstreet which is pretty cool to crash at, but I would hate to live there for more then a week!!!

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Personal view of course -

Any W or WC are v expensive.

EC is mainly commercial.

SW and NW are also expensive but better as you get further out. NW3 is nice but again pricey. NW11 is mainly Jewish. NW2 is mainly Irish.

I don't visit SE much so can't really comment -

E is probaby the most diverse with mainly Asian / Indian cultures.

Outer part of N is a good all round bet - with N14, N20 and N21 being my choices as they are far enough away to be green and pleasant but close enough for convenience. N17 and N22 are a bit unpleasant IMO.


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London is ace :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

I used to live in Bayswater (above Kensington Gardens, Nottinghill oneside and Lancaster gate the other).

I used to work in Whitheall so in the summer it was a lovely walk across the parks (45mins) to work or if raining the tube or a good 'ole London Routemaster Bus...the number 12 or 88.

If you like shopping (retail therapy :rolleyes: ) then London is the place for you :lol:

If possible try to live and work in Central London (withing Circle line) that way you are where 'everything is'.

Theres always plenty to do and see.

Let us remember Samuel Johnson's famous line...

"When a man tires of London he is tired of life."

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London is the place to be!! :thumbsup:

i live in north london where it has wicked transport n can get to the west end in about 15mins by train so, it is very conveinient if u like the nite life.

my brother is at east london. his flat is pretty cool. has two double bedrooms which can see the canery walf, and its not that expensive.

i go south quite a bit to see my friends, out of the whole of london,south is probably the roughest area to live but still, if u like a bit of danger or life in the ghetto, south is rite for u!

west london is pretty posh and expesive but they do av some nice pads!!


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i used to live in battersea (sw13) good area obviously a few scum bout but that keep cost of living relatively low but form where i was it was a 5 min walk to clapham junction train station from there bout 5 min to victoria. aslo a nice 15 minute walk along the river to the kings road,

close to batterseapark which is huge and just great in the summer

good pubs ( www.thegreyhoundatbattersea.co.uk my old pub) but i had to get out as i dont like london or th emajority of ppl that live there especially when u work in hospitality

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I'd rather live in sheffield (2 f's :) ) anyday to London.

My fiancee has lived in Clapham and Balham. Not bad areas for a fast young lifestyle but not my scene. The sooner she moves up north the better. I'd rather spend 200k+ on a nice detached house than some poxy terraced house that doesn't even have a driveway let alone a garage!


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I used to Live in W14. A tiney studio was costing my ex and I £750 per month plus bills :eek:

I now have a three bedroom house with gardens front and back, garage and drive for less than £600 in Northampton.

I hated London. I hated the public transport. I hated the overcrowding (too many tourists) and I hated the fact that it's pointless owning a car.

Nightlife was good not that I remember much of it :rolleyes:

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sheffield's not too bad. its got a low violent crime rate, infact a friend who knows some dodgy gangster types tells me that in the 'gangsta community', it is notorious that sheffield is the best place to get shot in, cos you're more likely to survive?!

they must aim for the feet or something.

but its also got extremely bad roads, duff councils, too many potholes, really dodgy transport routes, disgustingly maintained highways,....

did i mention the roads are bad?

infact, twincam's right, sheffield's a toilet! :D

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dj_davo Posted Yesterday, 10:03 PM


infact, twincam's right, sheffield's a toilet! 

I don't mean it like that :o

I suppose everywhere has it's good point's and bad point's.

It's the same as some people prefere the countryside and others prefere cities.

Me, I prefere cities ... ...so why on earth am I living in Shropshire :lol:

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