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Driving In Leeds....


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Hey just a quick rant.

Was out driving with my mate last night around leeds (hes got an mr2 turbo rev3) and this d**k in a cavalier turbo pulled up next to us at some lights revving his engine n just basically being a c**k.

So we just ignored him and set off when the light turned,an i looked right to see him flooring it, burning his tyres like hell, losing control and nearly taking the front end off my gt4, and also making me close to hitting my mate when i swerved to avoid him. He then pi***d off through 3 sets of reds nearly hitting a bus.

Theres some major ar**holes around!!

And he looked about 50, ud have thought hed have a bit more brains than that!!

:censor: :censor: :ffs:

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