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Waxoyl - Worth It......?

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Right my new ae86 that i'm gonna keep was put through an MOT and surprisingly passed without fault... :D

However as the sills/under of the car was quite solid i was wondering if it was worth waxoyling/undersealing it to stop it rusting or is it too late as its almost 20 yrs old now...?

also cleaned the engine bay (steam clean) and its come up SHINY - worth going around there to stop it rusting do you think...?

any1 waxoyl'd their motor ?


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Waxoil (and old engine oil) does help, being a bit of a 'banger owner' I have years of experiance of trying to repel the inevitable. Waxoil helps slow down the process,but in our damp climate you'll never stop it if you use a car regulary, year in year out :lol:

As a cheep option painting old engine Oil onto the floor pan is a trick from ye days of old (and very messy) to help stop floor pan's rusting.

Also with the old military vehicles a rag soaked in 1 part Oil to 2 parts Diesel (1 old Coffee Jar of Oil to 2 old Coffee Jars of Diesel mixed together) and rubbed all over the bodywork gives a nice 'Satin sheen' to Matt Green ...a friend of mine does this with his old Pergeot 504 estate, also stopps people leaning against it :lol:

However back to your car, I did this following article for another 'thread' and although it's for FWD Corollas it will still apply to your lovely machine...

Were to waxoil/rustproof your Corolla ...

All versions of front wheel drive Corolla from 1983 (EE80/AE82) to the 1997 (AE111/EE111) version which finished production in around 2002 are the same in their body construction layout (I dont mean same in bodyshell but same in 'layout' of their build design) so rust proof methods are same for all versions.

Firstly I presume the car has had a good hose down/power wash underneath a few days ago and that the weather has been dry before this operation is carried out!

Starting at the front spray waxoil up underneath the 'Macpherson strut' mounts of the front inner wings (anyone who has or remembers 60's and 70's Fords will know about carroding suspension top mounts). Also try to inject behind plastic liner where it meets front wheel arch. Next spray door pillar area then inside door through drain holes. Whislt lying down remove the rubber bungs in the sills and spray inside there, now get further under the car and spray inside the main chassis rails (also if you wish spray onto floor pan underside if car is not going to be a concours show car!) now moving to the rear spray up in side rear suspension turrets (as per front macpherson mounts) and again if you wish the inner rear wheel arch area. When at the rear of the car inject waxoil into the rear chassis rails after removing the bungs to get to them (alway replace bungs aftwards), finally inject some waxoil into the inside of the tailgate/boot lid (if possible remove the inside trim...easy to do on the AE92 but not so on AE111 models).

Another trick through the passage of time is spray a tiny bit of WD40 on the area where the Bumpers meet the wings by the wheel arch (a well known area of rust for Corollas).

The Toyota Corolla is one of the most mechanically reliable cars of all time it is also one of the most potential rust buckets of all time (espacially when having to live in our damp climate :rolleyes: ).

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