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Need Help! Mounting Erebuni Kit...


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Hello gang!

I have a few questions `bout Erebuni and a `97 Celica.

I`m going to help a friend to get his new Erebuni kit mounted on the car. We hav`nt started yet... Just tested the fit... and that did`nt look good... :(

The kit came without any mounting hardware (is that normal???), and there`s no predrilled holes in the kit.

And the front spoiler did`nt seems to fit at all... :blink:

Have any of you !Removed! & gals done this before???

Any hint & tips are HIGHLY appreciated!

You can even e-mail me pics at harsaalyst@hotmail.com if you have a Celica with this kit.

AND; I`ve just found out that there was a change in the ST202 (early & late models). How can you tell if the car is either of these???

Thanks! :)

Jon from Norway

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There was a facelift model which came out in 1996 - so you should have the facelift model.

The original model had orange front indicators, and the fog lights where in the same hole as the grille in the front bumper. The revised model had seperate holes for the fogs in the front bumper, clear front indicators, a bonnet spoiler (to stop flex) - lots more sound proofing and most had three legs on the spoiler instead of two.

It could be that you have a kit for the 93-96 celica rather than the 96-99??

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they normally market these kits as gen 6 94-99 is the erubini kit a two piece front spoiler???

if so put it together off the vehicle and check the fit if it all fits then it should be ok but just going by the trouble i had with my veilside they have to be forced a little :ffs: to fit round the bottom of the front wings hope this helps :thumbsup:

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It seems odd to advertise them for 94-99 if they are addon bits to the bumper as the bumpers are different. I think a lot that are advertised as 94-99 include a replacement front bumper (which normally then requires 94-96 pre facelift indicators)

If it is all for a prefacelift model - then you should be able to buy an old bumper as that should fit fine. The car underneath is exactly the same :thumbsup:

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