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Installing Air Conditioning


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I've just bought a T reg ('99) Avensis estate 2.0 TD which has no sunroof or air con. Does anybody know offhand before I go to the dealer how much it might typically cost (in the UK) to have air con installed? Apart from that I am very pleased to be an Avensis owner. J

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Welcome aboard Jasen :thumbsup:

I'm not qualified to say this, but I reckon it'll be a HUGE job to retro fit air con into a car. There are some dealer type people who post here, maybe they can give you a better idea.

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Retro fitting aircon is a mahoosive job.

you need;

Compressor and clutch, condensor, receiver dryer, expansion valve/chamber/evaporator, all lines engine mounts and belts for the compressor, interior controls, and interior air ways to allow for the evaporator, and gas...

A/C cars also have a fed to the ECU to adjust the engine revs at idle...

I saw a guy the other day get quoted a grand just for a compressor and receiver dryer for an astra... In all honesty it would probably cost more then you payed for the car!!!!

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