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Jap Import Rear Numberplate Size..

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Hi folks... needa new jap import sized rear nunmberplate..

am I right in asuming they are 330 x 170 mm? or is it 330 x 175???

I have looked at fancy plates and can't see my size... I want a totally plain plate, stadnard font, no logos, no sub text...

Any ideas???


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I don't think the police would appretiate me driving around without one up untill then though!!!

My local motor factors can get them done, but I don't want the my postcode on the back of the car, (for security reasons as much as looks!)

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Right I can get it made up at fancyplates.. but I need the precise size!!

its either 330 x 170 or 330 x 175....

I *think* its the latter :lol:

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Maybe they are car specific???

Cheers for measuring though!!!

I'll work something out :lol:

I just read this on a site...

The Japanese plates are 6.5 (765mm) inches high by 13" (330mm) long;

Seems slightly contradictory to me!!!! but 6.5 x 13 sounds ok.. ish...

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Hi Charlie,

Those measurements conform to the minimum UK legal requirement and are not exact Japanese plate dimensions.

Found this on the DfT site about legal sizes in the UK for Japanese/Import style plates:

Smaller size plates (for certain imported vehicles)

Character Height - 64mm

Character Width - 44mm

Character Stroke - 10mm

Space between characters - 10mm

Some more info here

All depends if you're looking for 'showplates' or UK legal roadplates ;)

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Cheers Charis.. I know jap imports are allowed slightly smaller lettering (otherwise it would not fit!) the numberplate I will get is a standard Jap import plate (identical in size as to what will go o Lee's new car)

What? of course my car is a jap import!! ;)

I am not a fan of "other then stock" numberplates, its just this is all that will fit my car with JDM lights!!! :D

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