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Forgot to tell y'all... got a couple of bits for my car at good old Envy!

Got them done end of june...

Apexi Induction Kit (love it!) - Whoosh! Needs re-locating though... what size pipe do i need for that please to those that have done it... and what else is required to re-locate it??

Megan Racing Manifold.... Hmm... tricky one... I like the noise when your having a good drive, but i do a fair bit of town driving and it creates a fair few rattles, clunks and vibrations which are pretty annoying if you don't get the clutching exactly right... which is a bit annoying... iv managed to control it, but my mother and bro still make it sound like a truck!!

Dunno if that's normal... those that have it... any help would be nice as it is pretty annoying and mite need to be removed if it persists.

Overall though, very pleased, the pull on the motorway is fantastic... much much better than before!!

Oh, just to sum up, when going for a drive a good cross country, multi-road drive.... then it's brilliant, the sound that emits from the front is fantastic!

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Good choice of mods mate...

Dont know the exact diameter of tube you need to relocate - one of the others might.

You'll need a breather filter for the crank case too - shouldnt be much more than a tenner in a local place.

The header makes a huge difference in power doesnt it! But with the standard mid section it it loud .. very loud. Why not save up and get the stainless mid section and sports cat? The combo noisewise is a lot deeper and more subtle.

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Fantastic choice of mods Keanu! :D

Where have you been? There has been a distinct lack of you recently! :yes:

Erm, well.... i had two weeks holiday not too long back, then my birthday, then iv been doing serious overtime at work to get some money.... problem is, i decided to jack uni in... it was total sh*te, so im currently job hunting and in effect am out of work as my part-time job i class as pocket money, not a wage because i get a pitence for working my ar%e off!!

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Guess Ill see you at JAE then mate - you're welcome to have a good listen to mine.

Vibrations - didnt notice that too much, but yeah it is loud with the standard mid section. The good news is that when you have the sports cat in place rather than those diddy little oem ones you get a lot more oomph. Id say at least the same again as the header makes.

No - before anyone starts I dont have before and after dynos - I just know my car.

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yea agree with clarky on this one the sound will be much more controled and nicer with the sports cat and mid section, i love the sound of mine!!

again i dont have a before and after but with a combo of apexi, manifold, sport cat and mid section, fujitsubo back box, cars gone up to 117.8 bhp

fine choice in mods tho, glad u like them :thumbsup:

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Dude, I have a phase 2 and im looking to decat the thing, you say there is a noticable power with a sports cat, what about a full decat? im also having trouble with the sensors. I may have to get an O2 simulator.

One of the !Removed! sensors is before the cat on the manifold :censor: megan one doesnt have the mount for it so you have to get a new pipe with the mounts in.

!Removed! !Removed! !Removed! !Removed! !Removed!!!!

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Give Kevin at Envy a call - he designed the mid section with the sports cat. Mines is a Phase1, but I know he was looking at doing the same for the Phase2 - he may have already sorted it out.

Decat and sports cat give more power, but the sports cat wont give you MOT problems.

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Ok - you need a short peice of hose that will connect the metal bit of the air inlet (attached to the engine) to the metal end of the apexi (the bit with the MAF in).

They are very slightly different sizes diameterwise but a pair of decent jubilee clips take up the difference. Most decent car 'enthusiast' shops can supply the hose. I picked up a peice for Chuck04 the other day. That aside you need a breather filter for the crank case and you can either use the old breather hose to attach of get a nice new snazy bit!

Lastly theres the Battery to turn - this is easy enough as theres loads of room without that enormous airbox in the way - just figure out where your gonna locate the Battery tie arms - you may need to drill a hole or two from them.

And ... I have a bracket that holds the apexi in place - you dont have to - but might be a good move as it does get thumped about when you go over bumps.

Does that make sense? Drop me a PM if you want me to take detailed pics?

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Cheers dude, thats great... i have a basic idea of what to do... just needed to make sure i didn't have to extend any wires!!

I'll grap some tube from somewhere, thats no problem, its drilling holes... never been good with my drill!! (No innuendo's please! hehe!) I end up getting it wrong!

I'll have a bash this week... if not, next week will have to do!

Oh, iv already got a breather filter... as soon as you told me what that crappy pipe was at brunters i whacked a crank case filter on it!

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