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Mr2 Fog Light Switch


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Newbie question I'm afraid :)

I recently purchased a 1990 Jap import which I'm very pleased with - just gone to MOT but failed with fog light question.

I know it sounds a bit dim but I hadn't noticed that the switch was missing (small hole where it should be). I've been doing a little bit of research and I'm getting conflicting answers - do I need working fog lights on an import ?

Many thanks.


P.S. Great Forum - I've learnt more in 30 minutes reading the threads than several weeks of general surfing!

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All cars in the UK need a fog light to pass the MOT.. most people buy one of them rear break lights and stick it on (some imports don't even have a light fitted)... should go on the Right hand side of the car.

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i think they are only required on the rear? come to think of it.

The MR2 MKII comes with both front and rear as standard i think?

i know mine has


:) Thanks for the advice - I just needed to hear it from someone else!

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