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Hi all, How are we, most of us I think are a little sunburnt...anyway :ph34r:

does anyone know a good company that make a range of gauges?

I have a Greddy boost gauge but I'm looking to get some Oil temp/pressure and that sort of stuff.

Heres the deal, I don't want to pay through the nose for a brand name ie Greddy, Defi etc, I just want something accurate, good quality and a hell of a lot cheaper than the brand names!. Can anyone reccomend a company or web page please that sell such a thing?

I'm looking to put 2 on the "A" pillar and maybe 2/3 in a din space.

Thanks again as always,


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i have SPA guages in the rolla, they are very good value for money. digital in design, they give two readings in one guage eg boost and inlet temp, Oil press , and temp etc.

they come with either white or black faces and can be backlit , blue , red, or green, most of them are around £150 but that incl all re senders web linky

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yes but damaged engine internals loose power so alas tis a nessesary evil

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