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Speedo Convertors - Need Help Asap For Jae


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The clock is now ticking to get the new supra on the road. Before i can get an MOT and road tax i need to get the speedo converted and get a fog light on.

I've searched this forum and searched other forums and havent had much luck yet.

I did have a link to a website that sold convertors but since my pc died i lost it :(

All i need to do is change the 180kph that my speedo goes up to - to 180mph and remove the speed cut.

I know that all i need is a little chip to wire in which does this and i know they are about £35.

Does anyone know a website that sells these?

Much appreciated :thumbsup:

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Are you sure you need to convert it??? Both out mercedes, my mates supra, and outE type are still in km/h and it bothers no one!!! They pass MOT fine!

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Good links Charis! Thats very Odd that MPH is listed as needed, as we were told it was not, and still do this day drive cars in KM/h.

Another interesting point... *Please note that petrol-fuelled cars manufactured from August 1992* is stated as needing to pass the emisions tests that require a cat.... I take it this means if I can prove that my car was manufactured before august '92 I don;t have to havea cat? (It was registered afterwards, but I don't think they were making them in august!!! mid '92 was the cut off!)

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although that does only state it for new european imports.

There is a bit below on non european used imports but it does not state that a speedo should display mph or kph

as we were told it was not, and still do this day drive cars in KM/h.

The same with mine my MR2 went through 3 MOTs with KM/h and my Surf went through its last one with KM/h

Just found this bit

Great Britain uses imperial units for speed measurement. The law requires that speedometers must include a miles-per-hour display. Please note in particular that any modified display must be visible in daylight and in darkness.

but again none of my Jap imports did and passed their MOT's

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Dunno if the laws have changed...

but i've had to buy -

Speedo in MPH

Fog Light

Fog light switch with LED

Fuel Nossle Adaptor (Stops wrong fuel being put in)

My dads getting me a V55/5 tomorrow, hopefully wednesday i can get it MOT'd and then go straight to the local DVLA office to register it.

Take 48-72 hrs so hopefully friday it will be on the road (just need to get the plates and the tax done).

Why does everything have to be so damn close :wacko:

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