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Fog Light Conversion


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Finally got my car sorted, almost.

After a new bearing, axle stub, ball joints, track rod, brake pads, 16" wheels and tyres and a set of headlights on the way, the car is almost ready to pass the MOT.

Had the wheel alignment done today, and apparantly it was so bad it was off the scale. That explains the squealing tyres!!

I now have to fit a rear fog light to the back, which is strange, as the car has been in the country for 7 years and has presumably passed 7 mots without one.

How do I go about converting one of my brake lights to a fog light and connecting it to the dashboard??


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Yeah it needs a rear fog light to get through the MOT, I have seen some people use a temporary on to get through their MOT then take it off. One car had a fog light which clamped on to the rear toeing eye, and the wire went through the spare wheel well, and ran to the front where it was plugged into the !Removed! lighter, and it had a switch on the wire to switch it on and off - apparantley that is legal.

Have you got for bulbs on the rear which act as stop and tail?? If so you might be better converting two bulbs to fogs (inner ones) to keep it looking nice. If your not too sure about electrics it should only be a half hour job for an auto electrican. :thumbsup:

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Well i've ordered a hang down type fog light.

I'll try taking the dashboard off and fitting the switch and running the cable under the carpet throught the boot.

I suppose I could run a line from the front fog live to the new switch for the rear, and use the front fog earth? If i use the feeds to the front fog switch before they enter the switch the rear should operate independantly shouldn't it?

I've got to stick my replacment headlights on too.

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I think the easiest thing to do is to buy a hang down type fog light with wiring and a switch. I ordered a hang down type from Protech(www.protech-uk.co.uk), a company based in Bristol, and it came to about £18 including delivery.

I've got a space for a switch next to my gear stick, so i'll just run a couple of lines from the front fog switch to this switch, and then back to the hang down light. Providing I can get the dash off, it souldn't take THAT long.

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