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What Do You Think Of This Stereo?


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well lucky you bibbs lol only kidding wasnt sure myself thats why i put it on here....and MissMr2 couldnt give a **** wat you think i know were you live lol come to whitby and well see who has the best car :P

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The panasonic was for the other halfs car .. still to fit it.

It's a lot of player for not much wedge .. but I suppose 50% of the price is in a name.

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depends what you want for your money, if your happy with just a speaker upgrade and ifferent head unit then you cant go wrong, however if you want a loud competition unit then save your money!

personally i would go with what youve posted if it fits your needs, the sound difference will not be noyiced to a casual listener who wants summit to drown out engine noise.

fits the bill but id read reviews to find out what memory is comaptible

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