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Took my gt4 to benfield toyota in leeds, an they told me that they wouldnt do the work thats needed.

I think it was because of the mods on the engine, but he wasnt very clear on why. But i do have an oil leak, looks like from the sump, and apparently a power steering fluid leak, but thats not been confirmed. Also mi exhausts blowing but they wouldnt touch that either because its not a toyota exhaust.

Can anyone recommend a garage or am i just gonna have to look for a toyota specialist willing to work on it??



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To be honest, I`d have walked away in disgust anyway. An oil leaks an oil leak no matter what car it is. I don`t see what diference engine mods make to changing a sump gasket. :unsure:

I think you`ll have to shop around chap. :yes: Ask around among the local modders (The serious ones that is :D ) , they`ll probably have a good idea, then take it from there. Obviously you want someone that`s knowledgable with Japanese cars and Toyotas in particular. They do have their peculiarities. :P

When you find a good one hang on to him, Become his best friend and buy him lots of beer. :lol::thumbsup::thumbsup:

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yep a Toyota Garage would probably be the worst place to take it! Some just won't touch imports. You will find much more competant mechanics elsewhere! Those jobs you mention are general items which any decent mechanic can do

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