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Car Won't Start After Being Driven When Its Hot

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I need some help on this. I have a 94 corolla with 119000 miles on it. After I drive my car for about 20 min in the really hot weather here in Phoenix, Az, it won't start again once i turn it off. I turn they key and nothing. Acessories come on no clicking or cranking. It takes about 4-5 hours before it will start again. I checked the EFI main relay in the fuse box but it looks like and it doesnt look like its overheating. Not sure how to tell if a relay is bad though. I really want to fix this myself and dont want to take it to a shop and get charged an insane amount of money for stuff I don't need. Any help would be appreciated.

Also its not overheating either. The engine gets to normal temperature and stays there.

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Krispydude - it's a process of elimination, check the following:-

Alarm/immobiliser faulty.

Ignition Switch(electrical contacts on back of switch)

Inhibitor Switch(automatic transmission)

Dead Battery( not holding a charge or bad earth)

Starter Relay.

Starter Motor( most likely the fault).

Hope this help's you.


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