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Super Charging?

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the easiest way, and probably the most cost effective, is to buy a front clip of an ae101 levin, and swap everything over.

alternatively,fensport will provide everything needed for the conversion for

£900 (aw11/ae92) or "£1100 (ae101)

you COULD just supercharge your existing engine i suppose(assuming u already have a 4age) ,but theres a sh~tload of problems including ecu,fueling,compression,cooling, and durability of internals and driveshafts

definately better to swap an engine :thumbsup:

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Personally i would go anywhere NEAR Fensport!! they are EXPENSIVE!!

The engine you should get will cost you 1,100 + VAT and maybe even delivery, they decieve you without showin you vat, like theyre guna sell it without vat or something!

Get it from www.jbmotorsport.co.uk they sell the full conversion kit for 1,100 all in delivered to your door with none of this VAT crap!

Im guna charge my ae92 soon, and thats where im guna get mine from, and my mate in malaysia can get it me but itll cost like only 200.00 less, so its better to just get it from JB as its less hassle.

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if you want to do the the engine you got know then i think it would would be better to turbo it as you will gte more gains then a supercharger and theres more choice, but thats only if you are wanting to do this engine, there are still things like compression etc but you can get away with it by using 98/99 ron fuel and making sure u upgarde fuel pump, injectors.

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