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This is a slightly odd question, but important to some extent none the less.

I am curious what lvl of cross-compatability there is between different chassis' Corolla's, and to some extent the engines.

The obvious things like there is a fair amount of compatability between the different models of the AE92 (ie suspension, body, etc), and that certain engines are compatible (4AGE/4AGZE have similarities; 4AF/4AFE only dif is one is carb, other EFI; 7AFE is supposed to have limited compatibility with the 4AF/E's and the 4AG/ZE's as well).

So yeah, anyone got this kinda info. It'd be very helpful, seeing as trying to dig up certain parts for an 89 Corolla SR5 with the 4AF engine is troublesome. :(

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the 4afe,the 7afe and the 4age are all "a" engines but the first two have the "f" head which is the economy design,while the 4age has the "g" head which is the performance design. afaik, all ae## chassis had some variation of the "A" series engine, therefore, these engines can be transplanted and are compatable to each other aswell.eg: the 16v and 20v 4age heads will fit on other "a" series engines such as the 1.8litre 7afe therefore u have a 7age(never made by toyota).

the internals are different though.

hope that answers ur question, it was a bit vague

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