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Mk3 Mr2 Gettin Picked Up Tomorrow


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Me gettin my new mr2 tomorrow... 2003 spec, 6 speed in 202 color (black) with red seats... So far I fitted A/C and TVSS (alarm), one of the TTE interior crome kits and panasonic 2083 mp3 touch screen lcd mp3 player is on the way (since there is nowhere to place more than 5 cd's, had to buy mp3 player)...

Will drive it around first and then decide on the suspension updates, supposedly 2003 models are already quite nice in terms of handling (wider tires, larger anti roll bar, LSD) so we shall see...

here are some pics from my dealership parking lot


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manual of course ;-), 6 speed... models with SMT gearbox have also traction control and VSC, while 6 speeder has LSD only, makes it much sportier ride in my opinion... I have CTS for normal driving ;-)

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That is really nice ;)

Only part of the Mk3's I'm sure of is the standard alloys, they don't seem to compliment the car to much. Have to get them changed for some wider five spokes maybe...

I was in an audio specialist the other week & a guy who must've been about 18 had one in red & was talking through the install he wanted, said he had a budget of about £1500... :eek:

If only I was rich!! :D

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lol... guys in germany just announced a turbo kit for MKIII few days back, so community there is pickin it up fast... 200 HP in less than a ton car...that should be seriously quick, especially since 2003 models have LSD...

as to wheels, believe it or not, ones that came on my model look quite decent on MR2 (to me at least) - especially since they are bigger now at back, lowering will improve the looks of course... but as to new wheels and tires, i would rather wait (spend money on) for turbo kit first, 5k Euro installed....nice... only wheels I would get on mr2 would be OZ racing wheels from their racing line (light and expensive), which together with good tires would be somewhere around 1.5k euro ;-)!

as to audio, since there is no real space for it, it all has to be custom designed (azz expensive), which is why I just got best panasonic unit out there and thats about all i will do for a while now when it comes to audio...

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