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Reset The Computer In My Car


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I have a Corolla LE 98. For the last few months, the Check Engine Light has been on and off quite frequently. On top of that, my car was jerking/stalling frequently too. my friend helped me to change the Spark Plug & Spark Plug wires, the problem didn't go away. I finally took it to the Autozone and let them check the code which said PO120 - Throttle Position Sensor(TPS). anyway, to make the story short, I was told that the sensor was too loose, and it was tightened now. HOwever, the Check Engine Light turned on again and this time, it stay on. I got a couple of suggestions that I should reset the computer in my car and Check Engine Light may go away. Is this what I should do next? Could someone tell me how do I reset the "computer" so that the CEL could be turned off? It has been a week now, the jerking/stalling didn't happen ever since the TPS was tightened.

thank you. :help::help:

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I have a Toyota mr2 and was told that i had to take out one of the fuses in the car for more than 10seconds but i dont know if that would be the same with yours, the fuse i had to take out was in a seperate part of the engine aswell. Thats all i know sorry mate.

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You could always try the way we do our ZZE123R Sportivo's here in Australia

Disconect the Battery for 10 Minutes

Reconnect the Battery and run on idle with no accessories (radio/AC etc) for 10 minutes

Disconnect for 30 minutes

Reconnect Battery

Drive the !Removed! off it.

This is what we do to reset our here when we install Cold Air, running in new fuels or anything...


A :)

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