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Removing The Fuel Rail

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I'm looking for some guidance on removing the fuel rail on a 5E engine, please.

Can I unbolt it and put it to one side without disconnecting any pipes?

I need access to the inlet manifold bolts. Are there any other parts I'll need to remove?


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yes you can unbolt it and move it over to one side, you will need to disconnect the small pipe that attaches to the inlet manifold from the left side of the fuel rail, and all the wiring connectors, then unbolt it, then carefully lift either side until all the injectors are clear, try not to knock any of the injectors, because fuel wil start to seap out, also watch out for the little round seals on the bottom of the injectors and make sure you dont loose them!! they will do one of two things, either stay with the injector, or stay in the head. the same goes for the fuel rail spacers (which the bolts go thru). but what ever you do, dont remove any injectors!! i learned the hard way exploring i took one out, and apart from loads of fuel coming out, i couldnt get it back in and ended chewing up one of the seals.

this was on my 4efe, but its the same principle.

it also helps to remove the inlet manifold brace.

hope this helps.


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