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yes i have a genuine whale for sale.......

on second thoughts greenpeace mite not be too pleased so ill sell these instead...

nokia 6230

phone + 32mb MMC Card




original box

ill even chuck an orange PAYG sim card in too :hokus-pokus:

nice little phone, plenty of features, asthetically its pretty good, had a years use but its not wrecked (odd scratch and scuff basically)

was on t mobile, dunno if it will need unlocking etc... for other networks?

looking for offers although ive seen them go for as much as £100 on egay so anything sensible around there

postage at buyers cost or feel free to collect/have delivered at show/meet

nokia 7650

old skool retro camera phone, the original slide one

not been used for yonks, not much left!

phone itself, still in decent nick

desk charger pod, but no plug

two batterys although i think theyve about had it!

ive got the manual and software somewhere if i can find it that will be included, but i think you can still download it from nokia? i think?

PAYG sim too!

again offers (egay seems them again for about 40notes) :drool:

will be put onto ebay if nobody asks before hand in a week

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