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Does anyone know what difference decat would make to your 0-60 time on a gen6 GT?

I couldnt belive it when my mates 1.4 nova does 0-60 in 14 sec with cat... and 10 sec decat!

I know its just a pantz nova :group-cuddles: but does the decat make such a huge difference on a Celica GT??



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Do you think it would knock 4 seconds off my 0-60!!!?? ;)

Now that would be quick!!!

Thinking about getting it done anyway, any improvement in power has got to be worth it - I've got to get SOME mods done, feel left out otherwise! :(

Blooming girlfriend and her expensive holidays!!!!

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The Nova was designed & built before stringent emissions legislation and therefore was more likely to have an "unstrangled" emissions path - but whack a cat on there and it transforms the engine. Whereas the newer Celica's (not necessarily just Gen7's) had cat's in mind and weren't necessarily overly constrained by them.

Don't reckon you'll get more than 0.5 or at the most 1sec out of a decatted car.

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